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Welcome to LifeWise Health Plan of Washington

Serving associations and trades that make Clark County and all of Washington great.

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High-quality care for Clark County

With LifeWise group plans, Clark County employees enjoy broad medical benefits, access to high-quality providers and services, and outstanding customer service.

Sample benefit booklets and SBCs

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Summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) and benefits booklets

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WiseFoundation (sample) large group benefit booklet

WiseElement (sample) large group benefit booklet

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How to offer LifeWise plans to your employees

If you are an employer and are interested in offering LifeWise group health plans to your employees, get in touch with your health plan insurance broker, or contact a LifeWise customer service representative.

Phone: 800-592-6804 or TTY: 711
Mon-Fri, 5am-8pm Pacific